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200 years after Naruto and Sasuke's great fight to take down Madara Uchiha, New Shinobi rise and along with them many villains. Will you step up to the challange and take down the mysterious 7 Blades Organization? or Will you join the 7 Blades?
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 Josephine Waters (Jay of the Red Waters)

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PostSubject: Josephine Waters (Jay of the Red Waters)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:52 am

Josephine Yukikaze (Waters)
(Born Seppon Shira Yukikaze)
(nickname(s:( Jay, Two Faced Water Demon, Haku², RedWaters)

Age: 16

About 165cm in height, athletic yet slim build. Long red hair with light brown tips at the ends. Brown eyes, wider eyes, average nose, and dimples.

Rank: Chuunin

Elements: Water Element (suiton),

Specialties: Ninjutsu and Speed

Village: Kirigakure No Sato, Village hidden in Mist

Always in a good mood, or at least tries to. Josephine, called "Jay" is a positive girl that likes peace and quiet. This is her first personality, the girl has two personalities and is often called the "Two Faced Water Demon". Her other personality awakens when she is disrupted, often by something that bothers her. She is very good at arguing her point, determined, persistent chuunin.


Birth and Academy
Josephine was born Seppon Shira Yukikaze before her clan got wiped out by an unknown cause. She was on the 6th Winter Moon, 10 days after the Yuki-Onna offering day... the night of her clan's death sweep. She was the daughter of Yuki-onna shinobi and Yukikaze clan leaders Yukii, her father and Miyuko, her mother. Encrusted in a case of thick ice, Yukii and Miyuko entrusted the clan's future to the newborn child and let her float down the river Yuki-Onna Kawa, (Snow Fairy River). Eventually the ice melted and the young girl washed up on the banks of a river in Kirigakure territory where she was found by Hakuku Waters, an old fisherman who was on his way home from a day out at sea. He discovered the little girl and named her "Josephine" after his late wife, Josee Ina. He took the newborn in, raising her along his own daughter Kawa Waters.
Hakuku believed that the girl had potential, he sent her and Kawa to the Kirigakure Ninja Academy. Josephine, unlike her sister was very talented in ninja arts, especially shuriken-jutsu, art of the shuriken. Her adoptive sister, jealous of Josephine, accused her of possessing a secret jutsu/kekkei genkai/ninja being to aid her with her training. No matter how many times Josephine denied, Kawa kept digging into her mind with threats, questions and rumors. One day, it was revealed that Josephine possessed a special Kekkei Genkai; the Mind of Ice (氷のマインド) the Kōri no maindo, a very rare ice release that also includes ice animation, creating and controlling ice monsters at will. It is a powerful and rare Kekkei Genkai, it was believed that Haku, a ninja of Kirigakure long ago had the same one. It was similar, but obviously not the same as Haku. Kawa, and her fellow classmates and sensei couldn't believe that Josephine is part of a once thought extinct clan. She was shunned by her classmates, and gossiped by her sensei, life was hard enough at the Academy, but when she went home, her sister made fun of her and harassed her, calling her an...
Quote :
"Outsider!" Kawa said, pointing her index finger at Josephine's nose.
"Me? Outsider...?" Josephine asked, staring into her sister's deep azure blue eyes.
"Yeah, you don't deserve to be in Kirigakure! You deserve to be a missing nin!"
The most hurtful words Kawa had ever said to her.
Due to being shunned by everyone around her, except Hakuku, her personality changed from always positive to shy, and quiet.

Nicknames obtained: Haku²
Josephine is finally graduated from the Academy, she was assigned to her team, Team Demon. A team that consists of herself. The Mizukage at the time assigned her to a single team so that the "demon" within her doesn't threaten other members.
Quote :
"So I heard you're on a single team?" asked Kawa, with her team, Team 43.
Behind Kawa was a boy with light skin and black hair, and another boy was a tan boy with dark brown hair.
"Yeah, I am," Josephine said. "And are those your cronies?"
The tan boy stepped in front of her, "I'm Kakuza Mijoto, gaijin" he spat, "remember my name"
Josephine took a step back, then the black haired boy stepped closer, leaned in and said, "I'm Kojiro Ukata. The son of the honorable Neimu Ukata, learn your place, demon"
The boys grabbed her by her collar and raised her up, Kawa walked closer and punched the elevated girl. "Because of you, I lost my father ! He only loves you now!" she punched her harder, "I hate you! I always did."
Josephine, shocked tried to scream, but she couldn't, she was scared, her mind collapsed, and a fresh, crisp, cold shock froze her mind.
Her eyes turned light blue and she opened her mouth. A furious snowstorm whipped up from all directions. The village quickly turned into a snow covered village. The boys holding her let her go. "DEMON!" Team 43 yelled and scampered away.
Josephine, clutching her head, stood up and ran towards a frigid mountain range, the villagers gossiping behind her.
Thus the "Two Faced Water Demon" was awakened.

Nicknames: Two Faced Water Demon, Jay, gaijin.

Chuunin Redwaters

Jay took on her role as a killer. She was reputed as...:
Quote :
"It's Josephine of the Red Waters!" one villager said.
"It's Red Waters..."
"Is she the one who mercilessly killed 50 thieves at once?" whispered another.
"It really is. She's a gaijin"
Josephine sighed, she killed so she could save villagers lives in the poor country. But this is the thanks she gets.
"I heard that she dyed the rivers red with their blood..."
"It's Red Waters alright," a shop keeper said, "she has Ice powers... A thousand times more powerful than Haku's!"
Several villagers gasped at what the shop keeper said, and Josephine sighed as she walked through the poor streets of Kirigakure. Someday she would leave this village.
She gained respect later by making the rivers red with enemy blood, blood that once threatened to kill the Daimyo of the Water Country and the Mizukage.
The Ice Demon was respected in the village hidden in the Mist...
She had figured out that another ninja, Suiyuki was her brother, but where he was, is unknown to her.
And her story continues.


Hakuku Waters - Adoptive Father
Josee Ina - Adoptive Mother [Deceased]
Kawa Waters - Step sister/Adoptive Sister
Yukii Yukikaze - Father [Deceased]
Miyuko Yukikaze - Mother [Deceased]
Suiyuki Yukikaze - Biological older brother [Alive]

To master her Ice and Water skills and become the Mizukage
To learn how to summon an animal, (like Jiraiya, Naruto, Orochimaru, and Tsunade)
To make Suiyuki a good person and calm him down.

Jay really likes animals especially cats, and her ice monsters.
She enjoys the cold winters, the snowflakes calm her down, the chilling breeze leaves her in a good mood.

People that get in her way.
Ghosts/Scary tales.
Hot places

Additional Notes:
Custom Clan, Yukikaze; the ability to control Ice and ice monsters at will/Strongest Ice/Wind Clan

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PostSubject: Re: Josephine Waters (Jay of the Red Waters)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:37 am

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Josephine Waters (Jay of the Red Waters)
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