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200 years after Naruto and Sasuke's great fight to take down Madara Uchiha, New Shinobi rise and along with them many villains. Will you step up to the challange and take down the mysterious 7 Blades Organization? or Will you join the 7 Blades?
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 katsu jikininki

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Sharky Man

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PostSubject: katsu jikininki    Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:53 pm

Name: katsu  Jikininki

Age: 29 

Birthday: 3rd May

Gender: Male 

Rank: Jonin


standing 6'5 in height Hiroshu is increadibly imposing figure with natural white hair, jade green eyes and a birthmark only seen in the tanoku family. Slender yet extremely toned and muscular with his features people of the opposite sex could say he was handsome. His attire changes constantly but he prefers  red colours and garbs and anything flashy that catches his eye.

Village: Mist

Element: wind and fire

Specialty: ninjutsu and taijutsu 

Personality: Hiroshu is a difficult person to understand, his morality and attitude is all based on his mood. If he's happy and cheerful then, he is kind and nice to most people. If he's in a bad mood it's completely the opposite, he wouldn't think twice about  killing anyone. However, he is usually laid-back and indifferent, always with a collected expression when he roams the lands. This leads him to accept a wide variety of contracts, all equally different from each other. He has no preferred type of contract, his view is simple treat them all with dedication and to the letter. No matter  if its just delivering mail or killing. He would do either. Apart from this, he is quite laid back living off the money he gets. Having a number of contacts and places of safe haven in all the major lands. The Mercenary is what you may call a nomad, not staying in one place longer then four days. He enjoys traveling and being on his own, no rules attached to him and nothing tying him to one place. Extremely independent, he tends to have a hard time accepting help from others when he needs it most. His point of view goes as follow: "If you can't stand and fight, then rot in place." Trust, HA! That's a word that he does not take lightly nor easily does. He is a mercenary for crise sake! Does not have time for love really, however, he does, however, enjoy good feminine company now and then. Not easily embarrassed he is usually making others blush. A great observer he will catch off bat when something is wrong or if someone is lying to him, something not smart to do unless they want him on his "touchy" side. There is a side to him that is extremely protective when it comes to his treasure, by treasure it is not meant something materialistic. He has however been noticed to read a lot of books and collect priceless artefacts and has dedicated a whole hideout to them both. 

History: Hiroshu's childhood and growing up for the most part was great, until he was enrolled in the Mizo ninja academy. Then it soon became hell, during the rigorous and brutal training he made many friends, until the initiation day when he had to kill them all. From that day he lost faith in the world  and things changed. His normal calm self disappeared for a while after the test. He developed sudden reactions where he would go into violent mood swings where he would kill anyone, over the slightest incident. When the new mizukage was appointed and everything changed Hiroshu saw it as a chance to disappear and since then has because a mercenary doing any odd jobs available.  The many dubious people wanting others dead paid very well. Under this success he has many hideouts in different countries, his most common alias is  the Village Hidden in The Waterfall due to it's impenetrable hide out. He has had made a lot of favors for them and thus stay true to him, although all villages have an eye on him due to his openness on contracts-- who knows, they could be next. Hiroshi roams the lands with a keen eye, observing everything in his path and a collected air flows around him. However soon the mist caught up with him, forcing him to ejoin. They couldn't have such a powerful ninja walking around.

RP Sample: Hiroshu laid back in his chair, booted feet on his desk. On the desk was scattered many bits of documents having contracts of all kinds or short job offers. He had just finished one and now he was just chilling and looking for a new job, he was flicking a coin inbetween his finger lithely his sword lent against the wall opposite the desk. He took up a document, looked it over and then tossed aside, he wasn't in the mood for a simple letter delivery. He picked up another one, it was more interesting. Someone of questionable nature wanted a opposing faction to dissapear, Hiroshu smiled he hadn't done anything flashy in a while. He took the contract because it looked fun, grabbing his sword and a few other bits including sake. He left his hideaway to cause havoc. 

Half-Sister: misamimichi Jikininki (Unknown to Him)
Mother: Etsuko Jikininki (living in hidden mist)

Goals:    -To have his name known and feared throughout the Five Nations 
                 -To explore the world 
                 -To collect Knowledge Of all Known Jutsu  
                 -To become extremely Rich 

Likes: - Being Useful
             - Causing Havoc
             - Money 
             - Women 
             - reading 
             - collecting artefacts 
            - Exploring 

Dislikes: - Doing Nothing 
                  - Arrogant People 
                  - Being Ordered Around 

Other Notes: 


Jutsu list:
Wind Jutsu
 Blade Of Wind Jutsu
Vacuum Sword Jutsu
Divine wind jutsu
Drilling air bullet jutsu
Great breakthrouh jutsu
Vacuum serial waves

Fire Jutsu
Running Fire Jutsu
Cloud style flame beheading
Ash pile burning jutsu
Phoenix sage fire jutsu
Great fireball jutsu
Great dragon fire jutsu
Fire release burning defence jutsu

General Jutsu
Bodyflicker jutsu
Clone jutsu
Body replacement
Bringer of darkness jutsu

KKG Jutsu
The Devourering 
Parasite Shield 
Last laugh
Chakra chameleon 

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PostSubject: Re: katsu jikininki    Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: katsu jikininki    Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:52 pm

Must belong to a village. Not just mercenar or missing nin
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PostSubject: Re: katsu jikininki    Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:04 pm

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PostSubject: Re: katsu jikininki    

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katsu jikininki
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