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200 years after Naruto and Sasuke's great fight to take down Madara Uchiha, New Shinobi rise and along with them many villains. Will you step up to the challange and take down the mysterious 7 Blades Organization? or Will you join the 7 Blades?
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 Aokusa Toku

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Aokusa Toku

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PostSubject: Aokusa Toku   Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:40 pm

Name: Aokusa Toku
Age: 10
Appearance: Head: Inheriting his auburn
colored hair from his mom and apparently his nose from his dad many have noted
that Aokusa seems to look very similar to both his parents somehow. Not being a
native of Sunagakure he is unusually pale as opposed to most he is now
around. Unlike his hair, which is clearly auburn, his eyebrows are dark brown
and seem almost black. Because of this many people believe he had died his
hair, however he hasn’t and doesn’t intend to. His eyes’ being a hazel color
unlike his father’s being green and his mother’s Aokusa’s Like father and even
his mother he too was raised to know when it was and wasn’t appropriate being
blue. Many assume that he had gotten them strictly to match his hair, but Aokusa
can’t really think of another reason so he usually goes with it.[/b]

Upper Body: Because Aokusa is at such a young age, his physique
isn’t very well compared to the rest of the world. However, if being compared
to the rest of his classmates his physique seems to be below average. However,
not all of this is visible seeing as how he needed to go to the school nurse to
get his physical and she stated that if he planned on using taijutsu at one
point in time that he better begin to eat healthier and train harder. Although
he did do this, he doesn’t plan on using taijutsu at all. Instead he has been
doing finger exercises to prepare himself for puppetry. Though, most finger
exercises were for people who had pain it seemed to help him when he was
practicing with wires and such. However, his arms itself seem to be very small
and fragile, to people past his age group anyway. He is usually hanging around
his age group they tend not to notice about him seeming very fragile.

Lower Body:Unlike his upper body, which seems very fragile
Aokusa’s lower body seems to make up for all the strength he is lacking in
other areas. However, like the rest of his body Aokusa does not seem very
strong, however with the constant running and lifting he does with his legs
it’s almost surprising that they didn’t fall off his body. However, because
they are strong doesn’t necessarily mean that they are fit to battle and
because of they are fit for him to battle. This is because not only does he
lack experience, but he’s never seemed to be good at battling up close.

Clothing: Being use to Sunagakure being hot and humid, he
doesn’t really wear much. The very first layer he puts on in the morning is his
fishnet shirt. After this he puts on a small blue cloak and over it is his
white cloak with a deep ‘V’ in it just like his blue one. With a quick glance
the only thing really noticeable would be his fishnet shirt and white ‘V’ neck
cloak. However, of course he does wear ninja sandals, these being low and
black. However other than that, that is all Aokusa is usually wearing.

Rank: Academy Student

Elements: N/A

Specialties: Puppetry

Village: Sunagakure

Personality: Aokusa believed there were certain places do to certain things. It seemed
to be the way of family. Now this didn’t mean that everyone in his family acted
completed the same their personalities were sometimes unique, classic, and much
much more. However it wasn’t until Aokusa became eight that his personality
really began to form. Before that he was simply a boy following in his parent’s
footsteps of becoming a ninja. Aokusa, on the other hand unlike other kids
didn’t not want to follow exactly in their footsteps. Being that as it may
whenever he found it appropriate to speak of this he usually always mentioned
it, as if it was becoming his dream.

While many people assumed Aokusa’s dream was to be seen very
differently from his parents, in actuality he didn’t really have one. Everyone
who insists on telling him he’s young and had time always assured him that it’d
be okay. However deep down inside of his heart Aokusa believes that if someone
can offer him something worth fighting for he could easily be manipulated into
doing things. So claiming to know his flaw, he hadn’t told anyone not sure if
they would take advantage of it or not.

A life of lies and running
Being born to people who enjoyed the life of a wanderer terribly too much, Aokusa never really had a home. To this day he was born in a small town in the Fire Country, but because his parent's affiliation was to Sunagakure he couldn't be claimed. With that said he continued to always aimlessly roam around, so his early life didn't have much as far as records were concerned. He typically wandered around from town to town under different nicknames and names just to keep it safe where he was from. Around the age of ten years old he had headed back to the his homeland, Sunagakure to begin his years as an academy student.

Relationships: N/A

Goals: At the young age Aokusa is at he doesn't have many goals except to complete a puppet.

Likes: Aokusa isn't very fond of something in particular.

Dislikes: Aokusa isn't very hateful but he seems to dislike only a few things, most he never mentions.
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PostSubject: Re: Aokusa Toku   Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:43 pm

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Aokusa Toku
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