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200 years after Naruto and Sasuke's great fight to take down Madara Uchiha, New Shinobi rise and along with them many villains. Will you step up to the challange and take down the mysterious 7 Blades Organization? or Will you join the 7 Blades?
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 Zakku Tensai

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PostSubject: Zakku Tensai   Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:20 pm

Name: Zakku Tensai

Age: 25


Rank: Sanin

Elements: Wind, Lightning, Fire

Specialties: Chakra Manipulation, Swordsmanship, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

Village: Konohagakure

Personality: Zakku is a very cheerful man despite havining no family. He likes to talk to everyone and thinks life is precious. Though when someone threatens those precious to him he loses that personality and becomes filled with rage.

Beginning Arc:
Zakku was brought to the gates of Konohagakure when he was an infant. Two shinobi had found him and while one was ordered to inform the Hokage, the other went to the infant. When the Hokage and the Chunin returned however, the shinobi was gone and all that was left was his headband and blood covering Zakku as he cried. The Hokage personally took Zakku in as his son and raised him. When he was 5 the Hokage had realized Zakku’s Adept skills in Chakra Manipulation and sent him to the academy.

Academy Arc:
Zakku was a genius. He showed more skill in a week that most students did in months. The Teachers were impressed and began giving Zakku private lessons so they could keep up with his learning speed. It was unreal how much Zakku had learned within 3 years. He had the skill of a strong Genin at just the age of 8. He had mastered the Clone Jutsu as well as the Shadow clone jutsu. He mastered his weapons skills being able to hit moving targets in the bull’s-eye. He even was at the point he could flow chakra around his hands and use that to increase the power of his punches almost 10 fold and even be able to surround his kunai in Chakra, a Jounin level technique. Once he turned 11 he graduated the Academy 2 years ahead of his class and was assigned with two veteran genin both 5 years older than he was.

Genin Arc:
Zakku, Zen, and Yori were apart of Team 7 led by Tenzo Haruno, grandson of Sakura Haruno one of the 2nd Generation Sanin. They accomplished plenty of C-rank missions and a few B-rank missions flawlessly. Zakku had developed his Vortex Eye during a mission where they caught an outlaw who was skilled in Chakra Manipulation. They were together 4 years as a team before heading to the Chunin Exams. The only problem arose during the third part of the Exams. Zakku had faced another chakra manipulator who was on an entirely different level from him. When he was about to finish off Zakku, something inside of Zakku was awakened. Black chakra swarmed from his body and wrapped around his opponent and slammed him to the ground nearly killing him. Zakku was declared the winner and all three Became Chunin.

Chunin-Jounin Arc:
Zakku, Yori and Zen continued being a team of Chunin, though that did not last long. The Hokage granted them the rank of Jounin so that they could participate in missions with the ANBU black ops. During one of these missions around 7 years later, everything went wrong. They were sent to investigate a man by the name of Neo Hyuuga. He was going around villages recruiting people to be a part of an organization called The 7 Blades. The 5 kage’s were worried this organization would become the new Akatsuki, so they sent black ops teams from every village to investigate and take down if neccisary. Zakku, Yori and Zen were put on detail to watch the rear as 5 squads of about 10 men each went in after this one man. After an hour or so Yori and Zen wanted to go in and Zakku accompanied them. When they went in they were horrified at the site. Neo had all the ANBU and other black ops shinobi being sucked dry of their chakra and life force and it was all going into one sword. Zen went in first and tried attacking Neo head on but was caught off guard by Neo’s Kekei Genkai, The Blue Sharingan, and was killed. Apparently in the past, a part of each clan, Uchiha and Hyuuga, broke off and went with each other to start their own clan and become strong enough to take down the 5 nations. They succeeded after almost 500 years in giving birth to the boy Neo Hyuuga. The Blue Sharingan practically predicted every move you could make. On top of having the Blue Sharingan Ocular jutsu, he also could use it to absorb chakra from inanimate objects and make it his own. Zakku was amazed as Neo absorbed chakra from the sword he had everyone’s chakra flowing into. That would mean an endless supply of Chakra for him. Zakku and Yori rushed at Neo only to fail in battle. Even Zakku’s Vortex Eye was useless. Before Neo could deal the killing blow, that energy awakened within Zakku again and he began to transform into the Demon, Shikaru. Yori was killed in the crossfire and the entire building had collapsed from the two’s power. Neo made a retreat just as the Kage’s had arrived. They put a seal on the Demon and returned Zakku to normal. The others looked up this demon and found most hosts never survive the transformation, and those that do are granted great power. Zakku was then challenged to a spar against all five Kage’s, in which he had won. He hailed as a Sanin from then on.

Sanin Arc:
Zakku was granted permission to learn from the Toad Sages and went to learn. He wasn’t very skilled at Nature Chakra or entering Sage mode, however he did receive the contract from Boss Gama to summon him whenever needed. He now wanders the lands perfecting his new found abilities, learning old jutsu’s as well as creating his own new ones. His one goal now is to take down Neo Hyuuga and to teach the next generation what it means to be a Shinobi.

Relationships: None

Goals: To Take down The 7 Blades organization

Likes: Sparring, Teaching, and ramen

Dislikes: Neo Hyuuga, 7 Blades Organization, Villains

Additional Notes: He posses the Demon Shikaru within himself giving him the ability to freely Manipulate Black Chakra.
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Zakku Tensai
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