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200 years after Naruto and Sasuke's great fight to take down Madara Uchiha, New Shinobi rise and along with them many villains. Will you step up to the challange and take down the mysterious 7 Blades Organization? or Will you join the 7 Blades?
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 Ruya Shiraino - Land of Snow / Yukikaze Clan

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PostSubject: Ruya Shiraino - Land of Snow / Yukikaze Clan   Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:20 pm

Name: Ruya Yukikaze-Shiraino (Yukikaze clan, her father is of Shiraino)

Age: 25


Rank: Jounin

Elements: Wind, Lightning

Specialties: Medical ninjutsu, silent killing

Village: (Yukikaze clan, lost and is currently residing in/near Kumogakure)

She has a very bright personality, Ruya is always looking at the positive side of things. She enjoys life and devoted her training to medical ninjutsu and chakra training. Her bright, bubbly personality attracted many boys before the Yukikaze clan wipeout.


Beginning of Cycle

Ruya was born to two noble Yukikaze clan shinobi. Her Mother was the Head of Medical Department and her father was Yukii Yukikaze, the leader of the clan's best friend.
Ruya was named after one of the Snow Goddess', Ruyia. She was born 10 cycles before Josephine (Seppon), and 7 days after the Fall Harvest.

Growing up with Suiyuki

The two were an incredible pair, Suiyuki and Ruya. Being born into the same clan and cycle, the two grew friendly very quickly and became best of friends. In the Academy of Yukikaze, the two were known as prodigy, a very "once in a cycle" duo.
During this time, Suiyuki began studying all weapon, ninjutsu, and genjutsu of the Yukikaze clan, even the forbidden jutsu. Ruya, of course assisted Suiyuki in achieving his goal.
Ruya herself, began learning medical ninjutsu with the help of her mother.


Ruya was elevated to chuunin after she graduated the Academy and one year of being genin. Her missions were executed with high marks, Yukii elevated her to chuunin.
Before the clan wipeout, she had awakened another element. Lightning Release. A very rare element for the Ice and Water clan.
Then, when she was 10, the clan was "wiped out". For her, there was a flash of white light and everyone around her was dead and or injured. Ruya quickly used medical ninjutsu, but it was no good, the wounds were quite deep and they were unable to heal.
After scouting the village for a few days, looking for food, material, and people, she finally gave up and went away to another village.

Living the Kumogakure life

Ruya, now residing in Kumogakure, is now a jonin due to her outstanding missions. Her mission now is to find Yukikaze clan members that are alive. She really wants to find Suiyuki and settle in. During her stay in Kumo, she designed a bamboo umbrella that is her shield and sword(?), and designed two fans that are called the "Two Side Fans", one representing the North Winds and one representing the South Winds. The North Wind Fan in charge of her Wind Release and South Wind Fan responsible for her Lightning Release. Both are used in combat.
She now travels out of Kumogakure often to find her missing clan mates.


Kojinko Yukikaze-Shiraino - Mother [Deceased]
Hafuu Yukikaze-Shiraino - Father [Deceased]
Suiyuki Yukikaze - Lover [Alive]
Akuua Shiraino - Little Sister [Deceased]


To find the Yukikaze clan and raise it back up.


Her fans.
Suiyuki ♥
Bright Lights


Being alone
Being rejected
Cold places

Weapons: (Will post in weapon section later)

Bamboo Umbrella:

North Wind Fan:

South Wind Fan:

Additional Notes: Will Make Edits If necessary
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PostSubject: Re: Ruya Shiraino - Land of Snow / Yukikaze Clan   Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:42 pm

Looks good to me.

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Ruya Shiraino - Land of Snow / Yukikaze Clan
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